Grand European River Voyage 2014%lt;br%gt;Istanbul to Amsterdam

Grand European River Voyage 2014
Istanbul to Amsterdam

Ship: Uniworld - Europe River Cruises
Cruise Line: Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection
Duration: 28 Nights
Ports: Istanbul, Bucharest, Giurgiu, Rousse, Vidin, Belgrade, Vukovar, Mohacs, Pecs, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Durnstein, Passau, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Miltenberg, Frankfurt, Rudesheim, Cologne, Amsterdam
Airport gateway (Arrival) : Istanbul
Airport gateway (Departure) : Amsterdam































* Ports of call may vary based on itinerary and departure dates selected


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With its skyline aglow with the glimmer of domes and minarets, arriving in Istanbul is an unforgettable experience. The labyrinth of streets. Bustling bazaars. The serenity of the surrounding waters. This city offers one intriguing adventure after another. Explore Istanbul’s most famous monuments, from the Hippodrome to the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and the old city walls. Its sheer size, wealth and beauty await you.

Country - Turkey
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from port to Airport - 20kms
Currency - Turkish Lira (YTL)

Places of Interest
Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque


Bucharest is Romania's capital and largest city, as well as the most important industrial and commercial center of the country. With its 2 million inhabitants in the city proper and more than 2.4 million in the urban area, it is also one of the largest cities in Eastern Europe.

- Romania
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from Port to Airport - 7.5kms
Currency - Ieu (RON)

Places of Interest
Piata Unirii (Union Plaza), Little Paris, Palace of Parliament


The town of Vidin is situated on the bank of the Danube, in the most northwest corner of Bulgaria, 199km northwest of Sofia. One of the most marvellous cities in the country, Vidin was inhabited by Celts, Romans, and Byzantines, but it was under the Bulgarian Tsars and their Ottoman conquerors that the most frenzied fortress building took place.

Country - Bulgaria
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from Port to Airport - 150kms
Currency - Lev (BGN)

Places of Interest
Baba Vida, Church of St Petka, Ethnographic Museum


Belgrade is a very old city, dating back to several thousand years before Christ. The city can be divided into three parts: Zemun, Novi Beograd and Stari Grad, or the Old City.

- Serbia
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from Port to Airport - 18kms
Currency - Serbian Dinar (CSD)

Places of Interest
Sava and Danube Rivers, Fortress of Kalemegdan


Vukovar is a city in eastern Croatia, and the biggest river port in Croatia located at the confluence of the Vuka river into the Danube. Vukovar is the center of the Vukovar-Srijem county. The city's registered population was 30,126 in the 2001 census, up to 31,670 in the municipality.

Country - Croatia
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from Port to Airport - 230kms
Currency - Kuna (HRK)

Places of Interest
Castle of the Eltz family, Vucedol, Orlov Otok


Country -

Distance from port to City -
Distance to Airport
Currency -
Places of Interest


Pecs is best known for its city symbol, the Mosque Church, which is the largest building from the Turkish occupation that still stands in Hungry. Pecs is home to several museums including the Victor Vasarely Museum and the Zsolnay Porcelain Exhibit.

Country - Hungary
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from port to Airport - 168kms
Currency - Forint (HUF)

Places of Interest
Mosque Church, Pannonia Champagne Factory


Budapest possesses a rich and fascinating history as well as a vibrant cultural heritage. Recognizing the unique value of its traditions it has managed to maintain its magic and charm, and is rightly known as the Queen of the Danube. It has also been called the City of Spas, as there are a dozen thermal baths complexes served by over a hundred natural thermal springs.

Country - Hungary
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from Port to Airport - 14kms
Currency - Forint (HUF)

Places of Interest
Ecseri Flea Market, Royal Palace, National Gallery, Great Synagogue and Jewish Museum, Fisherman's Bastion, Statue Park


Bratislava is redolent with Hapsburg Baroque architecture, preserved in many historic row houses and the pedestrianised Old Town, which has been extensively renovated. But as an ancient trading post, its history is much older, with German settlers since the middle ages, Hungarians, Italians, and a large Jewish community with some places of worship still remaining.

Country - Slovakia
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from Port to Airport - 8kms
Currency - Slovak Koruna (SKK)

Places of Interest
Bratislava Castle, Slovak National Gallery, Primatial Palace, Slavin Monument, Michalska Street


Vienna is known worldwide as a city of music. Quality orchestras and ensembles are its seal of excellence. Along with well-established ensembles for contemporary music classical music continues to play a vital role, as made evident by the City of Vienna Concert Orchestra and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, amongst others. The Vienna Academy, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra and the Women's Chamber Orchestra are dedicated to tradition and modern music alike. International artists are a great gain to cultural life in Vienna.Vienna's cultural life is multi-faceted. You have the choice of 50 theatres, four opera houses, two stages for musicals, 100 museums and numerous theatre, music and dance festivals. The museum quarter with its baroque facade is home to one of the biggest cultural districts in Europe.

Country  Austria
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from Port to Airport - 15kms
Currency -
Euro (EUR)

Places of Interest
Hofburg Palace, Vienna Opera House, Spanish Riding School, Prater Park, Danube Tower, Vienna Zoo


One of the Wachau district’s most attractive villages is Durnstein, where the ruins of a castle - the Kuenringerburg - high up on a hill commands a superb view of the Danube as it winds through the valley. Stroll among the ruins and soak in the historic atmosphere of the castle where King Richard I of England was incarcerated in 1192. And after your journey into the past rejoin the 21st century and sample some of the splendid local wines in one of the local taverns.

Country - Austria
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance to Airport - 95kms
Currency - Euro (EUR)

Places of Interest
Kuenringerburg, Wachsu Wine District


Passau is not merely a transfer point but a destination unto itself. Life is easy-going and lived outdoors where street cafes and restaurants abound. Student life is vibrant and multifaceted. Guests can actively interface with young people from around the world over a Hacklbräu, Andorfer Weissbier or Passauer Löwenbräu brew in the beer gardens.

Country - Germany
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from Port to Airport - 100kms
Currency - Euro (EUR)

Places of Interest
Bavarian Forest, Local Breweries, Danube River


Regensburg bills itself as "Germany's best-preserved medieval city." It's hard to argue with that description, at least when you're wandering through the Altstadt (old city) with its 13th to 15th Century houses or crossing the Steinerne Bruke (Stone Bridge), which has carried traders and touists across the Danube since the 1100s. Preservation may be Regensburg's most important industry after the BMW and Siemens plants in the modern suburbs. The medieval streets in the city center have been protected by strict laws since the 1970s, and the Bavarian state's conservation experts keep a close eye on all maintenance or renovation

Country - Germany
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from Port to Airport - 78kms
Currency - Euro (EUR)

Places of Interest
Medieval city centre, Historic Sausage Kitchen, Johannes Kepler Memorial House


Visitors to Nuremberg, a lively city with a medieval feel, will find evidence of its 950-year history at every turn. These legacies of the past also reveal much about the past and present of the German people. Here in Nuremberg, monuments to the city's inventiveness and its cultural self-confidence over many centuries stand in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a modern, dynamic urban centre.

Country - Germany
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from Port to Airport - 6kms
Currency - Euro (EUR)

Places of Interest
Castle, City Wall, Zoo, Toy Museum, Verkehrs Museum, Old Quarter


Country - Germany
Distance from port to City - 1km
Distance from port to Airport - 50kms
Currency - Euro (EUR)

Places of Interest


Miltenberg, nestled tightly below wooded hills on a bend of the Main River, enjoys a wonderfully photogenic setting. Explore the "Pearl of the Main River" with your local guide. See the half timbered houses that give the town its fairy tale feel, along with the Crooked House and Royal Inn.

Country - Germany
Distance from port to City - 1km
Distance from port to Airport - 85kms
Currency - Euro (EUR) 

Places of Interest


Rudesheim sits at the entrance to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley.  If you come from the direction of Frankfurt or Mainz, it is one of the first major tourist towns you'll reach along the Rhine River.  Rudesheim makes a good base for exploring the entire Rhine Valley, which is the home of famous wines, medieval villages and beautiful scenery.

Country - Germany
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from Port to Airport - 55kms
Currency - Euro (EUR)

Places of Interest
Drosselgasse, Niederwald Monument, Rheingau Wine Museum, Asbach Brandy Distillery, Medieval Torture Museum, Bird of Prey Zoo, Jagdschloss, Siegfried's Mechanical Music Cabinet


The city's very name bears witness to its Roman past as the town of Colonia. As well as the legacy from Roman times and the Middle Ages, particularly the world-famous cathedral, Cologne has an extremely lively arts and culture scene. And besides being a centre of carnival activity and the "capital of Rhenish joie de vivre", Cologne is also an extremely attractive trade fair centre. Open, friendly and uncomplicated: that's Cologne!

Country - Germany
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from Port to Airport - 16kms
Currency - Euro (EUR)

Places of Interest
Cologne Cathedral, Philharmonic Hall, Zoo


Take a boat ride along Amsterdam’s charming canals past sturdy old houses and under quaint bridges. Visit one of the city’s superb museums housing many of the Dutch Masters’ most outstanding works or learn about Anne Frank and the city’s Jewish heritage. Or, journey into the countryside and see historic windmills and the fascinating porcelain works in Delft.

Country - Netherlands
Distance from port to City - 0kms
Distance from port to Airport - 15kms
Currency - Euro (EUR)

Places of Interest
Dam Square, Anne Frank's House, Volendam & Marken

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Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection

Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection

Uniworld presents an unrivalled river cruise program with unique itineraries and superb five-star inclusions.

Travel onboard intimate, luxurious ships with a maximum of 134 guests - fewer guests than any other river cruise company in Europe.

With one highly trained staff member for every three guests and expert onboard hotel management, we are able to deliver a guest satisfaction rate of 98%.

Our outstanding meal program has been created by award-winning chefs who prepare a wonderful selection of dishes using fresh local produce available from the destinations of each itinerary.

Onshore, Uniworld ensures the best quality included excursions hosted by expert English-speaking local guides.



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Uniworld - Europe River Cruises

Experience the Grand Rivers and Waterways of Europe

Delight in the exquisite floral displays as you sail through Holland in spring. Sail through the South of France along the Rhone and Saone in the summer with a chance to see the landscapes that inspired Van Gogh. Marvel at the vineyards turning hues of gold while sailing Portugal’s Douro River during the fall, or walk through the famed Christmas Markets of Germany and Austria during your holiday cruise along the Rhine, Main and Danube.

These legendary rivers and waterways have shaped the history, culture and economy of Europe for thousands of years. Now they will help shape your holiday experience, giving you an intimate and up-close view at how life once was lived in Europe’s sophisticated cities and tiny villages. Travel through the heart of Europe and be prepared to be amazed as history unfolds before your eyes.

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